Best Aerogarden for Lettuce

Best Aerogarden for Lettuce: Greenify Your Kitchen Counter

Who doesn’t love some greenery around them, right? But keeping green amidst our regular city life seems pretty tough. Well, the world is moving forward towards an environmentally sustainable world. 

And thus, there are more available ways to enjoy some garden-fresh veggies. Home gardening has become even more popular and easier with the spread of AeroGarden. You can now easily grow tomatoes and lettuce with its use.

Moreover, the soothing green is another plus point of setting an AeroGarden. But choosing a suitable AeroGarden isn’t an easy task. It’s pretty tough and overwhelming at times as well. 

Therefore, we tried to summarize some good quality AeroGarden with the necessary information. Stick with us till the end. 

It will undoubtedly help you to find the best AeroGarden for lettuce. If you can choose a good AeroGarden at your place, you will get some healthy vegetables from there. 

How Does the Aerogarden Work?

 Aerogarden seems like magic, isn’t it? It is a complete indoor garden that is self-contained as well. You can just set it up anywhere, and it is promised to grow anything. 

So it’s pretty natural to have this question: how does it actually work? Aerogarden is based on a technology called aeroponics, which is a subset of hydroponics. 

As we all are more or less familiar with hydroponics, associating with it makes it easier to understand AeroGarden. This technology is designed to grow plants without soil.

Consequently, the question comes that what do they use for their whole gardening process. They use soluble fertilizer, light, and water to grow.

The AeroGarden uses a pump to regulate water levels. This ensures the supply of necessary water for the plant’s growth. The LED lights take care of both the temperature and light. You can even choose the color according to your need. 

Usually, 30 watt LEDs are used here. They can maintain the optimum temperature for plant growth that is around 65-76°F.

Moreover, it has a growth deck to put your plants or your seed pods.

Furthermore, it has a base that holds the water and the soluble fertilizer. It regulates automatically to keep the balance of nutrients.

There are smart AeroGardens as well that are designed to notify you about their updates. 

Top 5 Best AeroGarden for Lettuce 

Now that you know how AeroGardens work, it’s time to head into the reviews. Let’s start with a short comparison first- 

We know this wasn’t enough. Check out the graph below to figure out how we rated which one-

AeroGarden Harvest: More About Product

The first one on the list is the famous Harvest from AeroGarden. And we tried to look at this one from two different perspectives. 

One from a gardener’s perspective and another for the average person on the go.

It’s a basic in-home garden system like the rest of it.

And, the best part about it is that you don’t have to use soil. So, you’re free from soil maintenance.

We appreciate the fact that they offer three different color options. So if you have a specific aesthetic in mind, you might be able to work with one of the color options.

I don’t think you’ll be keeping this anywhere else other than your kitchen counter. So the height of the LED stand or lack thereof might not throw you off.

We can pull this one apart and get to the reservoir. Props to them for making it easier to access. This is where you put the water.

Since there are 6 pods, you can get 6 different pods for lettuce. That’s enough space to grow more lettuce. But it’s still not the biggest option for you.

But if this seems small, they do offer the XL version for a lot more money.

There’s also the 360 version of this one. So if you’re not quite feeling the squared edges, pick out the circular version.

Things That Need Improvement 

  • This might seem a bit small. If you want a bit more power, take an Aerogarden with more LED power
  • The number of pods on this one isn’t the most. If you think six pods are not enough, then try out the next one on the list.

AeroGarden Bounty: More About Product

Unlike the first one, this might be trying to stretch the budget. 

Although it has the highest LED power among all the AeroGardens here, you still only get to plant in six pods.

So I think they could have included 8 or more pods. But enough of that.

I’d still say that the best thing about this is the smart systems. We were able to control the settings with Alexa.

So that’s a positive. I still don’t think you should pay this much unless you truly want the additional features.

This is on par with the Harvest in terms of LED power. So you can’t get a better deal than this one if you want good lettuce growth.

It’s the same with the number of pods on this one too. So you can compare this to the first one.

I think the biggest drawback about this one is the price. You have to pay about five times more than the first one. That’s a big bummer. And you won’t usually spend this much if you’re starting off with AeroGardens.

Things That Need Improvement 

  • This doesn’t offer the best adjustability. Pick out the AeroGarden Harvest instead if you want even better adjustability. 
  • It’s on the more expensive side. If you want to save a lot of money, pick the one on top of this.

AeroGarden Harvest Elite: More About Product

So what makes this one elite?

The Harvest Elite from AeroGarden is slightly more expensive than the normal harvest.

It does come with a sturdier build. You get a steel outfit on the reservoir.

Just like the previous two from AeroGarden, you only get six pods for your lettuce.

I think the standard is still at six pods. But some of the companies do offer nine pod or twelve pod options. 

If you do want bulk production of lettuce without buying multiple devices, this one shouldn’t be it.

As for the adjustability, they allow the light stand to be adjusted up to 12 inches. That’s pretty much enough for growing lettuce in this device. 

Things That Need Improvement 

AeroGarden Harvest 360: More About Product

Here’s another from AeroGarden. The Gr Harvest 360 is a circular version of the other growing systems.

I’d say aerogarden harvest 360 compared to harvest is a bit more compact and fits in different tight spaces. If you don’t have a lot of space on your kitchen counter, this might be the best option to go for.

This one does not offer you the best accessibility compared to the others on the list. In fact, it’s one of the worst. You need to fiddle with this quite a bit if you want to access the reservoir.

Since the reservoir needs to be accessed, this doesn’t give the device a good look. 

Even the adjustability on this one isn’t too decent. You can’t move the light stand as much as the top picks. It does give you a bit of leeway.

I think you can get your lettuce leaves comfortably in this one. We only tried this out with one pod. But I think this might look a bit congested if you fill out the pods.

This might be a good or a bad thing, depending on the look you want to go for in your kitchen. But this might also be a good thing if you want to work with fewer lettuce leaves for some reason. 

Things That Need Improvement 

AeroGarden Black Sprout: More About Product

While this isn’t the most practical solution for growing lettuces in bulk, it’s an excellent compact solution. 

It’s good that they allow you to choose from two different color options. So if you want this to match the aesthetics of your indoor garden, you can either choose the white or the black one.

AeroGarden’s Black Sprout only allows you to use three pods. And unfortunately, that’s the lowest on the list.

That’s why we said that this wasn’t the most practical choice among the nine different growing systems.

This is the lowest on the list in terms of LED power. And this is a bit harder to get into compared to the others on the list. Thus we had to deduct some points in terms of accessibility.

I think this one will survive a couple of accidental drops. It’s decently built, but don’t go around throwing this off the kitchen counter now and then. There’s a chance that this won’t survive the fall if it’s dropped from a weird angle.

We like the height adjustment settings of this one. I mean, you do get lower adjustability compared to the top picks. But the mechanism seems a bit sturdier than the others.

Things That Need Improvement 

Top 4 Best Indoor Growing Systems for Lettuce

Perhaps you’re not quite feeling it when it comes to the AeroGarden brand. And we know there are other growing systems out there that are doing almost the same job, if not better.

So here are four indoor growing systems that might be perfect for lettuce-

This was the short comparison. Don’t worry, take a look at the one below to find out which one we think is better-

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System: More About Product

Coming in at first place is this one from iDOO. The iDOO Hydroponics Growing system is a decent alternative to the AeroGardens. And, we’re about to tell you why!

In terms of light power and the overall capacity, this one goes toe to toe with the AeroGarden Harvest.

That’s quite a feat from another company making AeroGarden growing systems.

Where this one lags behind is in the accessibility department. Getting to the reservoir to pour water seemed a bit too tricky. So you might stress out a bit in this case.

Honestly, the worst part about this was the durability. It’s even worse than the ones that come after it on the list. So that’s concerning.

If you’re looking for the best durability, then this isn’t it chief. But it’s an affordable choice. This doesn’t get a lot of things wrong. 

Things That Need Improvement 

  • This might seem less durable than the others. You can pick a more durable AeroGarden if this bothers you. 
  • It’s not as accessible as the other top picks. Pick out any of the growing systems up top if this concerns you. 

Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System: More About Product

Here’s another Hydroponics Growing System, and this one is from Moistenland. This is another one on the moderately priced growing systems.

While this doesn’t look its part, I think you can work with it. Don’t pick this if you prioritize aesthetics over practicality.

As for the light power, this one tops the charts. The 40watt LEDs in this growing system beats the others by quite a margin. 

While the accessibility of this one does have a bit lacking, you don’t need to fiddle too much with the reservoir. The entire process seemed simple enough.

But it does take in a lot more water than the rest. 

I’d put this one just above the iDOO one that we just reviewed in terms of durability. Don’t get me wrong, it’s close. 

Where’s this one suffers is in the adjustment department. You can’t get a lot of leeway with the light stand. And that’s a problem if you’re growing taller plants in your kitchen.

But I think lettuce will still grow freely as this allows a lot of horizontal space.

Things That Need Improvement 

GrowLED LED Indoor Garden: More About Product

GrowLED’s Indoor Garden is slightly different from the others on the list. And unfortunately, you have to skip this one if you don’t want to work with soil.

Yes, with soil comes soil maintenance. The ones from AeroGarden don’t let you use soil in the pods. So those are a lot easier to maintain.

The adjustability on this one isn’t too decent either. You can’t adjust the length of the light stand too much. But you can plant lettuce in 8 different pods. So there’s that. 

I’d say that you don’t have to pay a lot for this one. It’s the cheapest one on the list. This is one of the most basic ones that you can get. So don’t stress about the additional features with this one.

That’s because it does not have any additional features, to begin with. So it’s the most basic growing system that you can get. 

Things That Need Improvement 

  • You can’t use this without soil. If this bothers you, you can opt for any one of the AeroGarden ones.
  • The adjustability option on this one is poor. So you can pick a more adjustable option if this seems concerning. 

VegeBox Indoor Herb Garden: More About Product

Finally, we have another one that’s not from AeroGarden.

The VegeBox Indoor Herb Garden isn’t a slouch. But it earned its position in the last place here on the list.

I mean, it’s not bad. It’s cheap and holds up well.

Unlike the others on the list, the LED light stand rises from one side of the device. So this will not be as durable as the others on the list.

As for the adjustability, you can’t change the height. You can only change the angle at which the light falls on the lettuces. So this isn’t the most practical solution if you want super adjustability. 

We were able to grow one pod of lettuce here. And the height of the plants didn’t matter too much here. So you can grow your lettuce here.

It also has 9 pods. So it’s more than most of the other AeroGardens here. So if you want to grow more here, this could be a good choice. 

They claim that lettuce might grow a lot faster in this hydroponic growing system. 

Things That Need Improvement 

Are AeroGardens Safe? 

Every modern technology promised to make gardening easier is questioned on the safety issue. “Are they completely edible? Do they contain just as much nutritional value as the normal ones?”- the list is long. 

So, in a word, yes, AeroGardens are entirely safe. They are made with robust, long-lasting, and food-safe plastics. So they don’t contain BPA or other harmful ingredients. 

This is a process of growing plants without soil and providing nutrients differently than usual. But they are mechanized with utter safety precautions. So they produce garden-fresh quality vegetables right on your countertop. 

If you just follow the instructions carefully, then you’re going to get some amazing quality goods. Moreover, they reduce emissions and keep the environment better. 

In today’s world, where environmental sustainability is given utter importance, AeroGardens are perfectly designed. They use 90% less water than usual which also saves water. As a whole, they are an amazing method of home gardening. 

Things to be Careful About!

As we have already discussed, the amazing sides of AeroGardens. But there are certain things about AeroGarden that you must know beforehand. This will help you to be careful for your and your plant’s safety. 

Firstly, when you buy an AeroGarden, it comes with a pod kit. But this doesn’t come with a variety of options to choose from. You can choose between some herbs, flowers, and gardens. 

So if you want to harvest something not included in your pod kit options, then buy separately. The watering pots are too small and don’t help much. So be sure about the sizes earlier. 

That’s because some people choose vegetables to grow inside AeroGarden. Even though it’s possible to grow some vegetables in AeroGarden, you can’t grow carrots or similar veggies as they have long roots.

Another important thing is to not put different-sized plants next to each other. This can cause the smaller plants to not get enough light due to their taller surrounding. Also, prune them regularly to ensure better and healthy light.

Last but not least, check your plant leaves regularly. Brown or yellow leaves and poor growth might indicate that your plant isn’t getting proper water. So try to be careful. 


How long do lettuce plants last in AeroGarden?

Aerogarden is a technology for growing plants inside your house. But not all plants last equally. Neither have a similar growth pattern. Hence it’s essential to know the lasting time of your desired plants. The average lifespan for lettuces is about two months.

But in some cases, some may even live up to 3 months. 

Why is my AeroGarden lettuce bitter?

Many home gardeners have complained about their lettuce tasting bitter. This might be an indicator that the water is not in perfect condition. Either it is because the water is too warm or lacks nutrients. The waters used here should have a cool touch, using ice cubes might help.  

Can you grow lettuce and tomatoes together in AeroGarden?

It’s entirely possible to grow lettuce and tomatoes together in a container or outdoor garden. They are highly compatible. But when it comes to AeroGarden, combining lettuce and tomatoes is not very recommended. They grow to different heights, hence it’s better to grow them separately. 

How long do AeroGardens last?

Basically, the nutrients-filled bottle that comes with the AeroGarden lasts for around 6 months. After that, you will need to buy again. The herd kit should also serve for more or less the same. But at times, the herb kit keeps producing for more than 6 months. But their growth seems slower after the first 6 months, so changing seems like a good option.

To Sum Up

That was all from our side. To be honest, the AeroGarden is a wonderful technique for home gardening. It uses the science of hydroponics to help you grow soilless plants from the comfort of your home.

There are lots of available options with a wide range of variety. From size to capacity, there are quite a lot of factors to consider. So carefully choose yours.

Because choosing the best AeroGarden for lettuce will provide you with some fresh green goods. We hope our post helps you to find the suitable one. 

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