Kessil vs Radion Finding the Best for You!

Kessil vs Radion: Finding the Best for You!

In recent times, lights from Kessil and Radion have made a name for themselves in the market. They’ve been the biggest names in the market for aquarium lights, and for the right reasons. Thus, they’re the first choices for most enthusiasts.

So, you might ask, between Kessil Vs Radion, which one should you get? 

When it comes to deciding which one is the best. You need to find what works better for you! Look for factors such as illumination, coverage, spectrum, color mixing, etc, and the theme which suits you better. While Kessil is ideal for general users, Radion focuses on a more enthusiast-friendly setup!

If you’re wondering which one to choose between them, we got you covered! We’ve discussed everything you need to know about Kessil and Radion products to help you out. 

Let’s begin!

Why Do You Need Artificial Light for Your Aquarium 

Before you determine the kind of light you need for your aquarium.  We need to talk about lights. Lighting is an important factor for any aquarium. However, many aquarium owners tend to overlook the need for artificial lights in their aquariums.

Artificial light in your aquarium gives you control over the light your fish gets. While some fishes prefer bright light, some prefer dimmer and darker conditions.

In the case of natural sunlight, you can’t determine how much light your fish should get. However, with artificial lights, you can set it up based on your plants’ needs.

You also need to make sure you’re using good quality lights for your aquarium. Regular incandescent lights will heat up the water in a haphazard manner. Meaning, the water close to the lights will be warmer compared to the rest.

Moreover, due to inadequate lighting plants like java moss stop growing

This inconsistent temperature of the lights is dangerous for the well-being of your fish. So you need good LED lights for that.

In that regard, you can check Kessil and Radion products on Amazon.. However, the Ecotech Radion is a forerunner in that field. 

So, LED lights from Kessil vs Ecotech Radion is a debate that needs to be discussed. 

Product Comparison 

Now, let’s get down to business. How to determine which light to get for your aquarium? The comparison has been divided into parts to help you determine what you need. We’ve discussed them thoroughly and recommended products based on the category

The categories include illumination, design, control, brand comparison, price, etc. Illumination 

The key factor that determines the quality of aquarium lights is illumination. Your lights need to be bright enough to light up your tank thoroughly. At the same time, it shouldn’t get too hot so that it affects the tank ecosystem. 

If you need a quick summary about these two brands, check out this table-

CategoriesKessil ProductsRadion Series
CoverageUp to 48” based on the angle Up to 30 inches 
SpectrumAvailable on multiple spectrums based on product CoralLab AB+ Spectrum
ShimmerNatural shimmer Natural Shimmer 
PenetrationUp to 30”24-30”
Color mixingBuilt-in mixing with no diffuser Needs a diffuser for mixing
PAR efficiencyPAR efficient throughout the tankHigh PAR directly under the light 
DimmingDims to mimic the natural cycle Manual dimming available 

With the summary out of the way, let’s get into details!

Detailed Analysis: Kessil 

When it comes to the quality of illumination, Kessil has some top-notch products up its sleeve. Most Kessil lights are made specifically for the type of tank. So, whether you have a freshwater, saltwater, or refugium tank, you’ll find something for you. 

If you’re looking for something uniform, the AP9X is a good shout. It’s one of the most comprehensive lights from Kessil. The AP9X is the benchmark from Kessil. So the Kessil ap9x vs Radion debate is always relevant. 

If you look for more customizability, the a360x should be right up your sleeve. Available in multiple colors and designs, it’s ideal for people who prefer a versatile tank. When it comes to comparison, it’s always Kessil a360x vs Radion XR15


Kessil makes amazing products for all sorts of tanks. However, its illumination shines the brightest in freshwater. Most freshwater fishes require a fair amount of light and shade. While some fishes prefer spending most of their day in the light, others prefer to stay in the dark.

So, your lighting should help you out in both cases. Generally, freshwater fishes require 5 hours of consistent lighting minimum during the day. While some fishes need a dimmed environment most of the time. 

You need to have rocks and driftwood for the fishes to hide into. Also, while illumination is good, too much illumination can be uncomfortable for certain fishes. So, have a clear idea about how much light your fishes need and act accordingly. 

There are a variety of lights from Kessil. So, check out their features and choose the best one for you!

When it comes to freshwater lights, the A360X Tuna Sun is the best from Kessil. Also, the A160WE and A80 are good recommendations.  


When it comes to saltwater tanks, the quality of lighting isn’t very important. Generally, using 1 to 2 watts of light per gallon of water works perfectly. The color and spectrum of the light aren’t that important in saltwater.

However, investing in the right aquarium light is still important, and Kessil is right here for you! They have a plethora of lights in different sizes and features for you to choose from. The A500X Tuna Blue is one of the best saltwater lights out there. 


Furthermore, the Tuna Blue versions of the A360X, A160E, and A80 are just as good. For lighting under the tank, the AP9X and AP700 are worth a shout.


Having a refugium can be a bit complicated. It’s a crucial part of an aquarium, as well as a complex gardening system. Although natural lighting is preferred in a refugium, natural lighting can work as well.

In terms of refugium Musculation The Vegan Way, Partie II: Manger pour maximiser les gains musculaires megamentinc 625 by intas en france augmentin 12 mensonges de musculation qui ne mourront pas lighting, you need to do some research by yourself beforehand. You need to know what colors and spectrums your plants require.

However, these three following LED lights work in multiple spectrums so you can choose based on your needs. 

Detailed Analysis: Radion 

Radion prides itself on being the future of lighting. They’re constantly investing in research to come up with better products for their customers. So, Radion lights are sometimes the most unique, and efficient products out there!

However, Radion has a relatively smaller collection compared to Kessil. As a result, you might need to make small compromises here and there. But the designs are very comprehensive and are likely to fulfill all your needs. 

Unlike Kessil, Radion lights are pretty versatile on their own. Most lights have multiple colors and spectrums. So, you can use one set of lights on different tanks without any hassle. 


If you have a freshwater tank, you already know the need for good LED lights. And that’s what Radion provides with the specialized technology. The Radion G2 is one made specifically for freshwater tanks. Thus, it can be super beneficial for you! 

One major advantage of Radion lights is that it works in multiple spectrums. Most lights are a mesh of multiple colored lights together. So, you can choose to turn off certain colors. This will make the spectrum suitable for your fish. 


When it comes to saltwater tanks, Radion doesn’t have any lights dedicated to saltwater tanks. As a result, it might be a bit confusing for most users. If you want to get a Radion light for your saltwater tank. The G5 is the best choice for you. 

The G5 has an HEI lens that allows you to control the quality of light. Also, saltwater tanks don’t have any specific requirements for lighting. So, you can keep it running in basic settings. However, we recommend easing up on the blue lights.


Running a refugium is a mammoth task. It’s a complex ecosystem on its own and lighting is crucial. Any mistakes with the lighting can cause a lot of trouble. Thus, getting the Radion G5 or XR30 could be a great option for your refugium.

However, for your refugium lights to work, you need to make a few tweaks. It’s better to only run the red and blue lights with 100% intensity for the plants. You can also turn on the whites if you have algae. 


Another key aspect of choosing the right product is the design. Everyone has a design aesthetic in mind, and the lights need to reflect that. Both in terms of the design of the lights as well as their positioning. 


When it comes to design, Kessil is head and shoulders above the rest. They have different types of designs available for their lights. As a result, you can choose the kind you need without compromising on the quality. 

Kessil designs lights in multiple designs. From round ones that can be hung to flat ones that need to be mounted. So, the choices are endless. Whatever design you prefer, Kessil has the right design and accessories along with it.

The Kessil AP700 is one of their best-looking products. It’s a flat-top design with two light sources on the edges. You can use a mount or hang it from the top. While not as fancy as the Radion lights, Kessil AP700 vs Radion Pro is debatable. 



Radion doesn’t have a plethora of designs available. However, the designs they make are pretty modern and unique. Compared to anything else on the market. So, if you’re a fan of minimalist designs, Radion is the way to go! 

Also, Radion is very versatile. If you’re a Kessil user who is planning to shift to Radion, you can use the Radion design Kessil mounting arm. For that, you won’t need to make a separate purchase. 

No worries if you don’t have any mounting arms. The mounting arms for radion are not quite available. So here are some mounting arms that might come in handy.

However, if you want multiple smaller lights or a spinner light, Radion is not for you. All of their lights are flat tops that can be hung or mounted. 


How much control do you want over your lights? Some users prefer to meticulously control everything. While others prefer to rely on pre-made settings. So, understanding the control of your lights is crucial. 

Both Kessil and Radion have very well detailed control methods. These include-


Kessil has numerous built-in settings to make life easier for you. The lights mimic the natural cycle to give your fishes a life-like experience. The illumination changes based on the time of day to cater to your fish’s needs. 

However, if you want to control your fish, you’d need some additional tools. While there are some controls on your lights, they aren’t adequate. 

So, you might ask, how to control Kessil lights? 

You can control Kessil lights in two ways. The simplest way is by the Spectral controllers. You need to get a controller that’s compatible with your lights and you’re good to go. Also, you can opt for a WiFi dongle for your lights and control them with the Kessil WiFi app.

Furthermore, Kessil allows you to control the temperature of your lights. You’ll have plants like dwarf hairgrass dying due to temperature. In that case, you can reduce the temperature as well.

The app and the controller have similar settings. So, having either of them works just fine. However, knowing the Kessil spectral controller settings is important. 


When it comes to Radion, controlling is a lot smoother. The buttons on the lights are pretty helpful and connectivity is top-notch.

So, how to control Radion lights? 

The capacitive button on the lights performs basic functions like power, rinse and cycle. Also, all Radion products are connected via the cloud. As a result, you can access and control your lights effortlessly.  For that, you’d need the Ecotech marine website or the app. 

To make matters easier, you won’t need any additional tools for connectivity. Making it easier in the long run! 


Ease of use is very crucial to determine what product you need. While both Kessil and Radion are pretty easy to use, there are some technicalities as well. We suggest prioritizing user experience over other factors. 


When it comes to Kessil, its product range is very specific. You have certain products that fulfill certain needs and are ideal for certain situations. While there’s an option for every category, the room for customization is massive. 

Whether you have a freshwater, saltwater, or refugium tank, you’ll have something from Kessil for you. Also, these lights are available in multiple shapes and sizes. So, you can place them any way you want. 

To make matters easier for you, Kessil has its line of accessories. From hanging tools, mounts, and goosenecks to everything in-between. So, you can get a comprehensive experience from Kessil without struggling much. 


When it comes to Radion, it’s more of a “one size fits all” notion. Most of their products are a combination of many lights, spectrums, and modes. As a result, you can use one light in multiple types of tanks.

However, this is a double-edged sword in the process as well. Since there aren’t a lot of products, you have to tweak them accordingly. So, if you’re not well acquainted with lighting, it might be a bit hard for you. 

Most Radion lights are flat tops. So, they only work in mounts, single or in groups. As a result, you can’t use them if you have a design in mind. However, they fit in most universal mounts. So you won’t have to invest in a separate mount for them. 

Brand Comparison 

Although it’s not mandatory, understanding the position of the brand is also very crucial. Knowing about the brand gives you an idea about the quality of the product.


Kessil is a company that specializes in lighting. They’re a popular name in the world of wall, laboratory, and aquarium lighting. They have years of experience in lighting and the products are well-received.

So, you might ask, why Kessil is good?

The answer is, Kessil understands LED lighting better than its competitors. They have successful products in multiple categories of LED lighting. Thus, they know how to make products that will benefit customers!


Radion lights are a subsidy of the EcoTech marine companies. They’re a company specializing in aquarium products. They have everything you’d need to run an aquarium properly.  From pumps and submersible to high-end lights, Radion has everything! 

So, why Radion is good? 

Radion is good because it understands what its customer needs. They’re under a successful parent company that specializes in aquarium goods. So, their research and efforts radiate into the current line of Radion products. Making them stand out!

Price Range

Affordability is a key factor in determining what product to use and whatnot. Spending way above our budget for fancier products isn’t a good idea. So, we tried to make things easier for you. 

And when we’re discussing Kessil and Radion products, discussing within their price range is key. For example, the Kessil a360x vs Radion G5 price or Kessil AP700 vs Radion Pro price is for similar products.

High Range 

Kessil’s range of high-end products is very good. These include the A500X, AP9X, and A360X. They’re available as standalone as well as bundles, from $450-800

Radion is pretty straightforward with its offerings. The Radion XR30 G5 is one of their most expensive products and easily their best. A new G5 can set you back for around $890.

If you’re planning to get a light from this range, these would be the best choice for you-

Mid Range 

When it comes to mid-range products, Kessil has a plethora of options as well. The A160WE, etc are similar products that can range from up to $250-400. 

Radion’s flagship G4 is the best they have at their mid-tier range. While the G4 pro can go as high as $799. However, the base model is available for as cheap as $399.

You can check out these products from this category here-

Low Range 

If you don’t plan on spending too much on lighting, Kessil is the way to go for you. The A80, H160 are cheaper lights that work just as well. On the range from $150-200, they’re some of the best out there! 

Radion G2, XR30 are some of their best at the lower range. These products can set you back for $300-400 based on availability.


When it comes to lights, it’s an investment. You need to get a light that will last a few years without hassle. Otherwise, constant repairs and replacement will only make it harder to use. 


Kessil has a name for itself for longevity. But, knowing how long Kessil products last is important. According to the manufacturer, the lights are meant to last 35,000 hours without any problems. So, you can get 5-7 years of use without any trouble. 


Although there’s no information provided by Radion on their products, they can still be determined. How long Radion products last depend on the diode. The diodes generally have 5 years of lifetime, afterward, they keep disintegrating. 
So, 5 years is a good lifespan for most Radion products. 

After Sales Service 

Dealing with the products after getting them is another key aspect. In case of any problems, you have to make sure they last a good while. So, after-sales service is important. 


According to most users, Kessil’s after-sales service is as good as it gets. The customer service is pretty robust and reaching out to them via email is pretty efficient. However, finding Kessil replacement parts in parts of the world can be tricky. 

However, we suggest performing basic tasks like mounting Kessil in the canopy or Gooseneck by yourself. 

Now, how to install Kessil gooseneck? 

Installing a gooseneck is pretty simple. You have to place the gooseneck on the sidewalls of the tank and fasten the screws. Once the screws are tight, position the neck based on your needs and you’re good to go! 


Similar to Kessil, Radion is also very good with customer service. You can easily reach out to their customer service through the website. It’s very efficient and most of your queries can be resolved immediately. 

So, you should know how to mount Radion products.

To mount Radion products, you need to choose the right amount for it. Most Radion products fit into universal mounts, so it won’t be a problem. Follow the instructions provided with the mount and you’re good to go! 

Resale Value

What happens when your products get old? Generally, we sell these products to get newer ones. So, knowing what to expect when our products get old is the way to go. 

We use a simple formula to calculate the resale price. 

Resale price = Purchase Cost – (Depreciation * Years), knowing the approximate resale price can be very beneficial.


Generally, Kessil products last around 5 years. So, calculating its depreciation after 5 years is a good idea. From our research, we’ve seen that the resale value drops by 9-19% every year. So we can calculate based on that.

You can check the depreciation for Kessil in the chart below-

Purchasing CostYears Used Resale Price Depreciation Percentage

The table discussed the resale values of Kessil lights over the years. If resale is important for you, you’d find it beneficial.


Similar to Kessil, the price of Radion will also recover over time. In 5 years, the value of Radion lights can reduce by 11-12% per year. While the rates are pretty similar to Kessil’s, knowing them is always helpful.

You can check the depreciation rates from the chart-

Purchasing CostYears Used Resale PriceDepreciation Percentage

To help you understand better, here’s a chart showing the change of prices of Kessil and Radion products over five years 

In this chart, we’ve shown the rate of depreciation of a Kessil (priced at $450) and a Radion (priced at $461) light over 5 years.

Our Recommendation 

Now that we’ve discussed them in detail, we can point out certain differences between them. These include- 


Kessil is a massive name in the world of lighting. And thus, most of their products live up to the name. They’re miles above any competition in terms of design. Because they have something for every design aesthetic. 

Also, since they have products based on the type of tank, the customizability is endless. There are settings tailored especially for the type of tank you have. So, if you know your way around, you can do a lot with them. 

For beginners, their preset modes are just as good. And one of the biggest advantages of Kessil is its superior illumination. The products focus on a single type of light. So, the quality of illumination is absolutely top-notch. 


While Radion can be a bit complicated for beginners, the good definitely outweighs the bad! The choice of multiple spectrums from one single light is great. Especially for people with multiple tanks. 

Also, the better HEI lens gives better lighting than some of its competitors. The clarity of light makes up for the lackluster illumination.

The Mobius control helps you control from any computer or mobile, anywhere, without needing a controller. Ideal for people who have busy schedules and don’t have anyone to look after their tanks.

Comparing the products, we can see that both have their goods and the bad. But in our judgment, Kessil outweighs Radion for a number of reasons. 

These include the quality of lighting, the superior controls, and the benefits it brings for beginners. Whether you’re an amateur or an expert, Kessil has something for you! 


Are Kessil lights good? 

Undoubtedly! Kessil makes some of the best lights in the aquarium world. Their products are liked by users all over the world. 

While ReefLink makes everything easier, you can work without it as well. You can access it by EcoSmart through any computer without ReefLink.

How long do EcoTech Radions last? 

The longevity depends on the diodes. Generally, the diodes start disintegrating after 5 years, that’s when it starts losing its power. 

Final Word 

Choosing the right light for your aquarium is crucial. Any mismanagement can be lethal for your tank. Thus, Kessil and Radion are the first choices for most customers based on their quality. 

If you’re wondering which one to choose between Kessil and Radion, we’ve settled the Kessil Vs Radion debate! We’ve discussed everything you need to know to help you choose the best for you!

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