Bud Candy Vs Terpinator

Bud Candy vs Terpinator: The Best Fertilizer for Hydroponics

Starts are never easy, especially if you are a new grower. We understand how worried you are about your plant’s growth.

But don’t worry, we are here to make things easier for you.

From other gardeners, you must have heard about fertilizers. But there are so many of them in the market, and you aren’t exactly sure how to go forward. Luckily, we are here to help.

So, bud candy vs. terpinator, which one should you use for your hydroponics?

Bud Candy is an organic flower booster that provides powerful plant energy to procure better flavors, higher yields, and stronger plants. On the other hand, Terpinator is a natural nutrient additive that helps to boost plant-oil and terpenoid production, enhancing flavor and improving dry weight. 

Sounds fine? Then without further ado, let’s get deep into the matter. 

Quick Overview

Seemingly both Bud Candy and Terpinator do the same things. Even though both benefit the plants by increasing yielding, they function differently. The good part is they are both 100% organic.

Here we have built a quick comparison table for your better knowledge. Take a look-

Here’s also a graph we’re including for your better evaluation.

This was just the starter. We are now moving toward the main course. So kindly stay with us!

However, you don’t have enough time to spare then you can move to our Which One is Better? section for a quick verdict.

Detailed Comparison

Source: https://growdiaries.com/

We’ve put together a comprehensive comparison of the fertilizers so you can understand how they differ. After comparing them in all of the essential criteria of the best fertilizer, you can easily choose which is better suited to your plants. 


As a user, it is obvious that you worry; what are the ingredients in Bud Candy?

Well, the best part is Bud Candy is 100% organic. Although the only nutrient listed on the label is 0.5% water-soluble magnesium. That’s because of different labeling laws in various states. The product also contains: 

  • Soluble Potash (K2O) 
  • Potassium Sulfate 
  • Citric Acid
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Polyphenolic Compounds 
  • Esters
  • Raw Cane Juice
  • Sweet Brown Molasses
  • Fermented Yeast Extract  

All of which are also natural resources for your plants’ nutrients. 

Terpinator, on the other hand, uses a quality source of potassium to your plants derived from potassium sulfate. We combine this with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to create a liquid fertilizer that improves the resin and terpene production of your plants. Ingredients must be sourced in the right ionic form so that they are not only dissolvable in water but also made readily available to the plants to uptake.

Winner: Tie


If you are worried about the price then we’ve covered that as well. On the internet, you will find different prices for different quantities. 

On most websites, Bud Candy costs around $20 for 1 liter of Bud Candy. On the other hand, Terpinator costs around $23 for 1 Litre.

So it seems price-wise Bud Candy is cheaper than Terpinator.

Winner: Bud Candy


When it comes to fertilizer one of the many concerns is its availability. Luckily, Bud Candy is available in every state of the United States.

Also, Terpinator being an organic fertilizer makes it available everywhere. You can easily buy these fertilizers from any hydroponic shop. 

Also, both Bud candy and Terpinator come in different bottles. Let’s take a look at it!

Winner: Tie

Versatile Usage

If a $20 product just performs one thing, it is unquestionably a waste of money.

But the good news? You don’t have to worry about that in this case. Mainly both Bud Candy and Terpinator are designed to be used in hydroponics. However, they may also be used in soil.

The main difference between soil nutrients and hydroponic nutrients is the amount of filtering required by hydroponic fertilizers.

Also, both Bud Candy and Terpinator can be used in combination with other organic fertilizers. Here are some of the best organic fertilizers that you can pair up with them for optimum results.

So, If you are thinking What does Bud Candy do for plants?

Bud Candy feeds your plants sugars, amino, and vitamins for bigger, tastier flowers. It provides the right carbohydrates for your plants to get through the end of the mid-bloom slump.

You can also use Terpinator on soil plants. It will increase aroma and plant oil.

It also boosts the terpene profile unique to your plant’s DNA which helps to enhance flavor.

However, we don’t recommend using them in aquariums. You should go for substrates instead, specifically designed for your plants. 

When it comes to substrates, you need to choose the right one. You can choose substrates like Flourite or Eco-complete are very useful. But you need to choose based on their features.

Winner: Tie

Pet/Child Safety

Source: https://www.greenmatters.com/

What if my dog licks it? What if my child drinks it?

Both Bud Candy and Terpinator are organic products that can be used on edible crops. They are, however, somewhat toxic and can be hazardous if consumed by children or pets.

Also, touching it might cause a little skin irritation.  However, touching huge amounts of plant fertilizer might result in burns.

So, it is a concern that your curious pet may dig up and eat your fertilizer. But it depends on the amount they are consuming. If it is a small amount then it shouldn’t be a problem. 

In case someone consumes a large amount then you need to take them to the hospital immediately. So, it’s best to keep them away from the children’s reach.

The thing is, in general, these fertilizers tend to be safe for children or pets. Moreover, while comparing Tiger Bloom to Big Bloom with these two, we found them rather harmless. 

Winner: Tie


If you sniff Bud Candy, you’ll note that it doesn’t have any objectionable odors. Instead, it smells sweet.

In case you are getting any odd smell that is mostly because it is expired. Sniffing your fertilizer will tell you whether it smells good or bad. However, avoid inhaling it.

Nonetheless, Bud Candy will not attract pests. Your bud sweeteners should not pique the interest of your neighbors either. As it has a very mild sweet smell to it.

Terpinator, on the other hand, does not have a distinct odor. Because you’ll be blending it with water, it won’t have a strong smell. Users have confirmed that they do not generally attract pests. As a result, you won’t have to worry about fleas or bothering your neighbors.

Winner: Tie

Application Rate

Your other grower friends may have told you many tips on using fertilizers. Although users’ experience matters, you need to keep in mind that using the right amount of product is far more important.

Most importantly overuse can cause severe harm to plants like burns. Thus, you need to know the perfect application rate for your plants.

These application rates vary in Bud Candy and Terpinator. Below we will discuss them according to the different plant growth stages.

Let’s go!

Vegetating Stage: 

The vegetative stage in Cannabis plants may last from 3 to 16 weeks, or even more in outdoor crops.

Most growers vegetate their indoor plants for 4-8 weeks, depending on the desired plant size. Cannabis plants are usually able to start flowering from the 4th week of the vegetative stage.

Bud Candy:

Absolutely, you can use the Bud Candy in the vegetative stage. The plants will use carbohydrates to create extra energy. Also, the bacteria and fungus will feed off the sugars which will provide more nutrients for the plants.

You should use Bud candy from week 4-week 8. Mix o.5 ml-1ml per gallon or 1L.


This product may be applied during the entire life cycle of the plant and is compatible with ALL fertilizers and growing media.

However, during the Vegetating Stage use it for 3 to 16 weeks by mixing 5-10 ml per gallon.

Reproduction and Fruit Set Growth Stage:

Fruit set occurs a few days after floral opening and is a transition phase of the ovary from the flower to the growing fruit. It’s a phenomenon known as physiological fruit fall. This time varies in plants, as does how long we need to use fertilizer at that stage.

Bud Candy:

Bud Candy is super easy to use. All you need to do is mix 2 ml per liter or 0.4 tsp per quart into the reservoir. Starting from week 1 and continuing till week 6 of this phase.


According to Terpinators official website, you should use terpinator for 8-11 weeks. Mix 10–30 ml per gallon of water.

Make sure that you are applying these fertilizers at the rates that we specified. Most essential, you must exercise patience. Wait for the outcomes before using more products to achieve faster results.

Application Schedule

We have discussed the application rate. Now let’s move on to the application schedule. But keep in mind this is an ideal schedule for your growing plants. 

Bud Candy

The first question that comes to our mind while using fertilizer is When should I use Bud Candy?

Bud Candy can be used any time from rooted cutting to the last week before the flush to feed beneficial microbes in the root zone. But for best results, we suggest you start using it from the first week of the flowering phase to week six.

Week Bud Candy
Week 12 ml/L
Week 22 ml/L
Week 32 ml/L
Week 42 ml/L
Week 52 ml/L
Week 62 ml/L

Make sure it is proportional to water. Users have recommended that this brings out the best results. 

Speaking of the measurement we thought some measuring tool kit can ensure you’re getting the accurate measure of the fertilizer. So here we’ve listed a few of them in the following table. You can go through it-


It can be applied during the entire life cycle of a plant. So, How often should you use Terpinator? 

Terpinator should be used every watering.  Plus you can combine it with all fertilizers and growing media. 

Below we’ve discussed the perfect schedule for your plants.

Week ( Every watering)Terpinator
Week 15ml/1 tsp
Week 25ml/1 tsp
Week 35ml/1 tsp
Week 45ml/1 tsp
Week 510 ml/ 2 tsp
Week 610 ml/ 2 tsp
Week 715 ml/ 1 tbsp/ 3 tsp
Week 815 ml/ 1 tbsp/ 3 tsp
Week 925 ml/ 5 tsp
Week 1025 ml/ 5 tsp
Week 1125 ml/ 5 tsp
Week 1225 ml/ 5 tsp
Week 12+25 ml/ 5 tsp

Make sure you are following the schedule as we’ve instructed. Overuse won’t provide you best outcomes rather it will harm your plants.

As Terpinator can be used with any fertilizer we found its application easier than bud candy. 

Winner: Terpinator

Application Method

Source: https://bobsgrowmart.com/

It is important to know the perfect application method as it varies from plant to plant. So, you must be thinking How do you use Bud Candy nutrients?

Bud Candy nutrients are pretty easy to use. Just pour the fertilizer into the reservoir during every watering of the flowering phase.

Both Bud Candy and Terpinator are used in similar methods. As they both are water-soluble. All you need to do is add fertilizers to your watering container. However, always make sure to adjust fertilization rates to your plant’s response.

For deep water culture systems, the reservoir should be changed every 3-5 days. Make sure the reservoir is aerated while using Terpinator.

Winner: Tie

Bad Sides/ Side Effects

Bud Candy and Terpinator are two of the market’s best liquid organic fertilizers. These formulas are extremely effective, simple, and easy to apply. They do, however, have adverse effects, just like any other fertilizer. Magnesium and potassium are both present in bud candy.

At the same time, Terpinator concentrates on providing your plants with a high-quality potassium supply generated from potassium sulfate. If you misuse them, you will cause more harm than good. 

A little extra magnesium is not particularly harmful as in soil, excessive quantities of magnesium do not appear quickly.

However, too much magnesium inhibits the uptake of calcium. Thus, the plant displays general symptoms of an excess of salts; stunted growth, and dark-colored vegetation.

The primary risk of using too much potassium is it causes nitrogen deficiency. Which ultimately will stunt the growth of the plant and lead to chlorosis. It will ruin the natural color of your plants.

It causes a yellowing of the foliage on older parts lower on the stem. Then it turns the veins on the leaves red. Also, the size of newer leaves will be smaller.

Best results don’t depend on how much product you are using rather when and how you are using it. So, we recommend you follow our instructions to get the best results without overusing them. 

So, Which One is Better?

Now that you’ve gone through the detailed comparison you must have got a good idea of the purpose and results of these fertilizers. After a detailed comparison, we would recommend that terpinator is a better product.

A question that may come to your mind is Can I use Bud candy with other nutrients?

Yes, Bud Candy is 100 percent organic so you can easily use it with an organic program. It also provides energy to your flowers when you use synthetic nutrients. 

You can actually use both of them together and that’s what we recommend as well. Because even though their job is to increase the yield, flower boosting, and enhance aroma, the texture of fruit contains different nutrients. Thus, we recommend you use both or pair them with other fertilizers of your choice. 

We also understand if you have budget issues. Then we recommend using the only terpinator as many reviewers think it is one of the best oil boosting fertilizers. But we would also recommend using Epsom salt with it. It is comparatively cheaper, 3 pound costing around $5. 

We recommend using at least some type of magnesium fertilizer if you are not using bud candy. Bud Candy during peak bloom cycles provides magnesium to fast-growing plants. Without which plants are very slow to flower and sprout dull-looking, yellowish leaves. 


Now that we’ve gone through our article we hope it cleared all the questions you had. Still, if you have other queries then in this section we’ve answered the frequently asked questions. 

When should I stop using Terpinator?

Terpinator for 2 years if it is sealed and stored in a cold, dry place away from direct sunlight. We recommend using it within a year after its initial launch. 

Is Terpinator organic?

Yes, terpinator is 100% organic. The main ingredient potassium sulfate is collected from natural sources.

How much is a gallon of Bud Candy?

During vegetating phrases, you should add  o.5 ml-1ml per gallon or 1L of water, and Reproduction and fruit set stages of growth add 10–30 ml per gallon of water.

Does Terpinator affect EC?

Terpinator will hardly affect your EC. Plus it is pH neutral and has an excellent pH of around 6.

How much is a gallon of Terpinator? 

During vegetating phrases, you should add 5-10 ml per gallon of water, and Reproduction and fruit set stages of growth add 10-30 ml per gallon of water.


That’s all we had for you today. We hope we cleared all your queries and confusions about bud Candy vs terpinator.

Now, you can easily choose which fertilizer you want as a grower. If our article was of your help then let us know in the comments below.

Until then, happy gardening! 

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